100% Natural Keratin Hair Building Fibres – Refill For Hair Loss – Alopecia & Chemotherapy (50g, Dark Brown)

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Keratin Hair Building Fibers Refill Bag For Hair Thinning – Make hair loss disappear within a few moments!

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Discreet Postage: Products will get to an ordinary brown jiffy envelope without any mention of kind of product which is inside for the privacy. If we don’t have your bag size available we’ll from the quantity using multiple bags. Top Quality HAIR BUILDING FIBRES..Unlike other sellers our fibres are sealed in premium foil bags.

KERATIN is definitely an immediate means to fix make hair loss disappear within a few moments. A mind filled with hair fast with an all natural look. These natural microfibers are constructed with organic keratin protein. Exactly the same protein hair consists of. KERATIN microfibers are billed with static electricity, so that they bond and intertwine naturally together with your existing hairs, creating VOLUME along with a total coverage having a perfect result all night and day.

KERATIN will come in 10 different colours and could be easily combined to complement any hair colour, even highlighted or salt & pepper hair. An ideal and incredibly natural result each time. It’s undetectable out of your own hair, even from just couple of cms away.

KERATIN will wash out easily when showering, simply employ shampoo and conditioner normally. It doesn’t block scalp pores.

Indicated because of its daily use within men & women whatever the haired: lengthy or short, straight or curly, dyed or natural.

Suggested by doctors & Pharmacists from around the globe, KERATIN works with any hair thinning treatment & hair thinning laser facial treatment.

Please be aware: KERATIN won’t focus on places that there’s no hair. It must bond together with your existing hair.

  • Gives you thicker and larger searching hair
  • Produced from organic keratin protein
  • Helps hide bald spots
  • Simply shake on your hair
  • Well suited for both women and men

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