1001 Remedies Moroccan Organic Argan Oil – Natural Treatment for Hair Growth and Hair Loss – Cold Pressed Pure Argan Oil for Beard, Dry Skin, Nails and Cuticle – Moisturiser & Conditioner Hair Treatment for Women

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Release Your Inner Beauty Queen using the Oil Referred to as “Liquid Gold”

It’s been used for centuries to advertise healthy hair and skin…

And celebrities like Selena Gomez, Catherine Zeta-Johnson and Jennifer Lopez claim it is great.

But simply why is Argan Oil stand out?

Well, its nutritious qualities heal dry, broken hair and skin.

Without departing behind an oily or sticky residue.

One oil – numerous uses

Make use of your Treasure Oil to change dry, broken hair into lush, shiny locks – while stopping split ends

Or like a natural conditioner before using shampoo, which promotes a proper scalp.

For the face – it soothes inflammation and removes redness, therefore it works wonders on acne scarring!

It’s handy like a natural toner too.

Frustrated with dry, cracked nails? Just place a couple of drops in your cuticles and allow the oil works its magic.

Or test the fit chapped lips.

Good at reducing the look of stretchmarks and scars too.

You may also utilize it in natural skincare recipes

The next time you need to create a homemade body butter or scrub – add a few drops of Treasure Oil and see the main difference.

Prior to choosing an Argan Oil – think about this

Not every Argan Oils are identical quality.

Actually, most of them are oxidized, which provides them a harsh scent, as well as removes the majority of the health advantages.

1001 Remedies Treasure Oil contains 100% unrefined, cold-pressed Argan oil. Which provides it a gentle scent and more importantly – still maintains all the goodness

The superior quality oil is created in France and includes Eco-Cert organic certification.

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Note: For the best results, don’t store in sunlight and employ within 3 several weeks of purchase

  • COLD PRESSED ORGANIC ARGAN OIL: Not every Argan oil goods are produced equal. The cheaper oils are oxidized which leaves a harsh scent, whilst removing a lot of their healing qualities. 1001 Remedies Treasure Oil is 100% unrefined virgin oil, with a slight aroma and all sorts of many advantages intact. No artificial additives either
  • Forget About Costly CREAMS & SERUMS: Get deep moisturizing effects just a small fraction of the price. You simply require a couple of drops to obtain the full-benefits. Not only for the hair either, the antioxidant qualities allow it to be great like a natural toner and moisturizer for the face. Or utilize it to heal stretchmarks, bruises and razor burns.
  • PROMOTES Healthier Hair: Have that gorgeous shine you have been searching for. Heal any dry, broken hair and itchy scalps. Technology-not only like a natural conditioner before you apply shampoo and everybody may wish to know your healthier hair secrets!
  • NO GREASY RESIDUE: The organic argan oil absorbs easily without departing a movie or sticky residue. Well suited for hair deep conditioning treatment, heals and prevents cracked, dried nails and rough cuticles, therefore is really a smoothing nail oil and cuticle oil.
  • ARGAN OIL FOR Skincare: Because of its excellent antioxidant and anti-aging qualities, it cuts down on scars, stretchmarks, wrinkles, aids in dried-out skin conditions because it is an in-depth skin fertilizer. It’s very efficient as facial oil and the body oil because it leaves your skin hydrated, smooth and soft.

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