1x Neutrogena Light Therapy Ance Mask with 2x Activators

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*Clinical study 52 subjects with mild-moderate acne. 12 days with 10 minute daily use. The NEUTROGENA VISIBLY Obvious Light Box Therapy Acne mask uses proven Light Box Therapy technology to deal with mild-moderate acne in the source, producing a clearer, more even complexion every single day. The sore point cuts down on the acne inflammation and also the blue light cuts down on the acne causing bacteria, reducing the look of breakouts.

Safety Warning: Don’t use if you’re pregnant, might be pregnant or nursing because the risks are unknown and haven’t been establisehd. The merchandise isn’t recommened for those who have very severe acne.

Indications: 1. Wash the face together with your favourite cleansing product and dry the skin. 2. While using the mask, be sure that the activator port is fully connected to the ability jack from the mask (when the lights don’t seriously, make sure the main harbour is fully connected). 3. Place the mask on. 4. Press and contain the power button around the activator for any full second (before the lights seriously). 5. Put on for ten minutes. Light Box Therapy is dependable despite your vision open. 6. The Mask will switch off instantly after ten minutes. If you want to power it down throughout the treatment, press and contain the power button for 1 second. Observe that doing this will reduce the remaining quantity of sessions around the counter by one. 7. Continue all of your skincare regime.

  • Proven in lowering acne in only 7 days-
  • 98% of the ones who suffer demonstrated less breakouts*
  • 94% of the ones who suffer had smoother skin*
  • 90% of acne suffers demonstrated a decrease in red, inflammatory acne*
  • Mask users can also enjoy free 10 minute mindfulness sessions and may track their skin’s progress by going to SCAN.NEUTROGENA.CO.United kingdom on the mobile phone and checking the NEUTROGENA emblem on their own Activator.

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