Anti Aging Face Cream GOLD 24k by OCEAN D’ARGAN. Powerful Anti Wrinkle for women and men. Use as Night Cream or Day Moisturiser. Best ingredients; Gold, Argan oil and Essential Oils rich in Vitamin C

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Our 24K Gold Antiage Face Cream diminishes wrinkles and smoothens the look of the skin. Gold assists in maintaining the right electrical balance for improved hydration, protection and nutrients absorption. Gold works synergistically with vitamins, antioxidants and firming agents to provide performance outside your expectations.

An all natural mixture of procyanidins, flavonoids, and organic acids that have effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. It may also help build bovine collagen and hyaluronic acidity and boosts the skin’s elasticity.

24K Gold (99.99% pure)
Gold revives and restores the skin, it’s an antioxidant and prevents the development and accumulation of toxins. Gold eliminates wrinkles and boosts the skin’s elasticity although which makes it look visibly more youthful, luminous and revitalised.

Argan Oil
A vital element noted for its high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, re-structuring, regenerating and anti-ageing qualities. Restores your skin and protects it from oxidation brought on by toxins. Our cream uses the purest form and includes its very own Ecocert certificate. Argan oil increases the restoration from the hydrolipidic film by growing the nutrient content of skin cells. Your skin gains versatility, hydration and firmness, becoming more powerful and more youthful.

Citrus Essential Oils
Grapefruit, tangerine and orange essential oils are wealthy in ascorbic acid and therefore have high restorative and antiseptic qualities departing the skin feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Guarantee: We’re confident that you’ll adore our products this is exactly why we provide you our money-back guarantee otherwise fully satisfied.

  • INCREASE SKIN HYDRATION – GOLD 24K reduces deep wrinkles, lines and dark spots using its adding nourishment to and fast-absorbing formula. You will observe the skin more hydrated and moisturised in the first application. Use during the night to provide the skin vital nutrients or each morning to moisturise the skin. Because of its non-greasy formula technology-not only before you decide to apply foundation
  • Reverse TIME WITH ANTIAGE POWER – A really efficient anti aging wrinkle cream for mature skin and to prevent signs of aging. Gold revives and restores the elasticity on the skin although Argan oil has restructuring and regenerating qualities to create the skin look youthful. This effective anti age face cream reduces sun-damage, excess pigmentation and blemishes
  • Appropriate For Those Skin Tones – A highly effective moisturiser that will not leave the skin feeling oily or aggrivate your skin. Appropriate for both women and men. GOLD 24K is the best moisturiser for those skin tones whether oily, dry or sensitive. Our custom formula continues to be expertly blended to advertise healthy skin that appears firmer and plumper
  • Effective Ingredients – We simply use Ecocert 100% certified organic Argan oil noted for its antioxidant and anti-aging benefits to provide you with an epidermis care rage as we grow older defying qualities. Pycnogenol protects bovine collagen and elastin production although Ascorbic Acid has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory forces to provide you with rejuvenated skin with improved elasticity
  • Money-back Guarantee – We at Sea D’argán are extremely positive about our product which we provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee for complete reassurance. Whether it does not meet your expectations then simply just call us to obtain a 100 % refund

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