Ary FACE Rejuvenation Machine Massage Skin Vacuum Suction Blackhead Acne Removal Water Hydro-dermabrasion Facial Moisturing

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Small bubble acne pores face cleansing instrument acne blackhead professional beauty instrument
Function Negative ion, color light
Appropriate for crowds: students / workers in offices / night groups / business journeys / travel / home
Red: When fatigue or immunity declines, when propulsion is needed
Yellow: When depression is reduced, when there’s a choice
Emerald: When you’re nervous, you have to get over fatigue.
Eco-friendly: When you wish to depend on, when you’re traumatic, when you’re in a condition of trouble sleeping
Blue: When you really need someone’s goodwill, you’ll need courage to have great results.
Crimson: When you really need innovation, when you’re fed up with work, you have to be careful.
Solve the eight problems of your skin: large pores / dark complexion / eye bags black circle / oily acne / dry no gloss / sagging skin / remover isn’t clean / place blackhead

  • The vacuum negative pressure technique is accustomed to lessen the internal pressure from the suction mind, wash the pores within the pores and also the excess oil along with other pores, and deepen the blackhead.
  • Open the lymphatic circulation from the face to obvious the pore blockage, enhance the microcirculation, activate cells
  • Six different color light therapies which use the power and qualities of color to alleviate stress and enhance vitality
  • Make use of the metal probe lightly onto the skin during use, then gradually relocate the direction shown by professional techniques.
  • The merchandise is small , convenient in dimensions, comfortable to deal with, small bubble physique, could be transported along with you, whether it’s for business travel or tourism, it is usually along with you.

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