Beard Care Kit for Men – 5 PCs Beard Grooming Kit Care Gift Box Set Father Beard Shampoo + Brush + Beard Comb + Oil Conditioner Without Rinse + Mustache Balm

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Beard oil – 30ml

Experience all sorts and textures of beard / mustache.

Beard oil direction: For beard oil, affect the dry beard soon after a hot shower. Rub 2-3 drops of oil between your hands, brush hands alongside, front and bottom from the beard, make use of a comb to clean your hair in position when needed.

Beard Balm – 30 g

To make use of on mustache type beard and textures.

Direction from the Beard Balm: Using the rear of your miniature, extract a little part of balm as well as heat by rubbing in the users hand of the hands. Still work the balm into the duration of your beard, then paint or go through for optimum hold, a properly-given tame beard.

WASH / SHAMPOO – 100 ml

Stopping Beard Dry skin, Conditioning Beard

Beard Wash / Shampoo helps the circumstances and cleans your hair and also the skin underneath the beard.

Beard comb

The wooden design is gentle around the hair without tears or static.

The product has the capacity to disperse beard oil, keeping the beard tidy and clean. It is also in combination with our beard balm that will help you shape and comb your beard to your favorite styles.


Natural boar bristles help distribute the oil, enhance the texture, styling, smoothing and conditioning of hard hair. Great combined with oils, balms, waxes and beard conditioners. Well suited for firm grooming from the beard and hair, softening and styling.

The package incorporates:

1 * Beard oil


1 * Beard balm

1 * Beard comb

1 * beard brush

  • PURE & ORGANIC 100 % Natural Ingredients – Mineral Oil, Fruit Oil and E Vitamin oil would be the primary ingredients. 100% organic and natural, non-greasy and simply absorbed. It is a subtle scent to keep a brand new beard smell.
  • REVITALIZING, SOFTENING AND MOISTURIZING – These beard-free (1. fl.oz / 30ml) and beard (2.12 oz / 60ml) scented oils possess the perfect formula to maintain your skin and hair moisturized, hydrated and smooth. sweet, healthy and neat for any lengthy day. Softening and elimination of itching and dry skin 100%
  • BOAR BELL CHIME BRUSH – Natural boar bristles help distribute oil, improve texture, shaping, smoothing and conditioning hard hair. Great combined with oils, balms, waxes and beard conditioners. Well suited for firm beard and stache care, soothing and styling.
  • Hands-MADE, ANTI-STATIC AND WITHOUT DROP – each wooden comb is crafted using the delicate care which will leave hair soft whatsoever occasions. Thickness from the finish of proper teeth that may go through your hair or beard.
  • Ideal For ANY SPECIAL MOMENT – This combo, produced from premium materials, is available in an attractive package, which makes it a perfect gift for Father’s Day, Valentine’s, Birthday, Day Christmas or any function.

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