Beard Care Kit for Men, Mustache and Beard Grooming Kit Gift Set with Beard Growth Oil, Beard Washing Soap, Wooden Beard Brush and Beard Comb

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Everything the bearded man must keep his beard clean, soft and tame. The beard isn’t trendy, it’s timeless, and beard veterans and newcomers know you don’t awaken each morning having a soft, nicely formed beard. Besides, your beard faces each day wind, rain, water, low or through the roof temperatures. But regardless of forecast, with this Premium Men’s Beard Grooming Package, your beard no more is affected with it. Getting a beard that appears great requires some time and a proven method! What is so great relating to this beard set? ⭐Beard Brush with genuine boar bristles, at perfect length, displayed attentively around the beechwood ergonomic handle. ⭐Beard and Mustache Comb that provides you versatility and control, made with fine and thick teeth, plus rounded tips which goes lightly through coarse or fine hair. An excellent beard shaping tool, employed for detangling and styling. ⭐Beard oil that does not help make your beard feel greasy, unlike other beard oils available on the market, features 100 % natural ingredients like acrylic of sweet orange and Patchouly which are wealthy in vitamins and antioxidants that improve skin and hair health. ⭐Beard Shampoo creates all hair types without having to be too harsh. Also, it’s formulated to wash the fragile skin underneath. ⭐Beard conditioner restores the healthiness of hair after water and soap that may dry your hair and skin. Apply it after while using matching shampoo, let it rest for just two,3 minutes, then rinse. Your beard or mustache are vulnerable to ❌breakage ❌dryness ❌itching ❌curly beard hair ❌brittle/coarse beard hair ❌dandruff ❌split ends? Treat your beard better with Robur Beard Care Package that brightens the beard grooming care experience, supplying the right products for you personally that solve your beard problems. Beard Grooming Package Gift Looking for Men &#x1F1EE&#x1F1F9MADE IN Italia STYLE AND QUALITY. &#x1F1EE&#x1F1F9

  • PREMIUM Macho MAINTENANCE SET – A beard grooming package full of top quality beard treatment products and beard shaping tools – BEARD WASH, BEARD CONDITIONER, BEARD OIL, BOAR BRISTLE BEARD BRUSH and BEARD COMB. This ultimate beard care package for males has all you need to keep the beard in tip-top condition.
  • Specifically FORMULATED BEARD SHAMPOO – The beard wash that cleans both hair and also the sensitive skin. This beard soap lightly cleans and detangles your beard which makes it manageable without drying your skin underneath or departing sticky residues inside it leading to beard itch.
  • BEARD OIL, A Distinctive BLEND Of The Highest Quality Skin Oils – Produced from the best mixture of acrylic of sweet orange and Patchouly thi beard oil for males includes a calming effect being fast absorbing, moisturizer and softener. The lightweight and non-greasy oil makes beards shiny supplying skin hydration to the dry roots, eliminating beard flakes and itchiness or redness.
  • BOAR BRISTLES BEARD BRUSH AND GENTLEMAN’S ESSENTIAL COMB – All of this-natural boar bristles held with a premium beechwood handle adds shine by distributing natural oil, unlike harsh synthetic bristles. The beard comb has got the perfect size that you should carry throughout the day. Gentle with beards and mustaches alike, being lightweight, durable and frizz-free.
  • BEARD CONDITIONER, Change Your GROOMING – The effective ingredients revitalize and repair the wildest beards available. It requires a couple of minutes to operate its magic, soften coarse hair on your face and moisturize your skin, which makes it more manageable, promoting growth and soothing inflammed skin.

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