Beard Oil Conditioner for Men – Modern Day Duke Beard Oil, XL 100ml – Conditioner and Moisturiser with Argan Oil, Cedarwood and Lime – The Best Beard Oil for a Thicker, Fuller, Softer Beard

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Every beard includes a story to inform, this really is ours…

Present Day Duke beard conditioning oil and beard conditioner for males continues to be designed to encourage, challenge and encourage men to develop and embrace their beards. It’s for males who be proud of their beards, for males who respect their beards, as well as for men that love their beards. An absolute must have premium beard oil for males, and then any ambitious beard grower.

A beard may be the ultimate statement of maleness, it shows dedication, persistence and commitment, but don’t forget… with great beard comes great responsibility!

Present Day Duke beard conditioning oil and beard oil growth enhancer continues to be specifically formulated within the United kingdom from 100% 100 % natural ingredients to make sure that it conditions your beard and it is kind for your skin. It is because we only use the best ingredients within our beard oils that the hair on your face is going to be softer as well as in control, although also relieving itchiness and cleansing the skin.

More benefits of using Present Day Duke Beard Oils for males

Designer stubble or lumberjack beard, Present Day Duke Beard Products for males are appropriate for those lengths and designs

This beard oil is ideally packaged inside a dark glass bottle to safeguard its natural qualities

Produced in the United kingdom from 100% skin oils

Simple to use pump for accurate application for your beard

Cleanses the skin and types of conditions hair

Directions to be used
Use a couple of drops and lightly massage to your beard evenly every morning and night for max results.

With great beard, comes great responsibility. Address it based and employ the very best beard oil possible!

  • SOFTENS AND TAMES YOUR BEARD – Argan oil will hydrate your beard hair, while Almond Oil that contains E Vitamin with strengthen and nourish, helping tame the curls and providing you ultimate beard control enhancing natural healthy beard growth
  • SMELLS AMAZING – The earthy aroma of cedarwood combined with the zesty fresh scent of lime is subtle, soothing and masculine making your beard smell amazing and kissable
  • BANISHES ITCHINESS AND IRRITATION – Specifically formulated skin oils including Almond and Argan Oil relieve itchiness, which makes it the very best beard oil and beard moisturiser for reducing irritation onto the skin
  • REDUCES ACNE – Natural antibacterial ingredients for example lime cleanse the face and obvious your pores to avoid spots
  • Produced In ENGLAND- from 100% skin oils Present Day Duke Beard oil deeply nourishes and types of conditions for lengthy lasting results, using a top quality formulation to provide you with a gentle yet strong and sculpted beard

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