Beard Wax 30 ml. All Natural, Organic Beard Styling Wax For Medium Hold. Shape And Nourish Your Moustache and Beard While Looking Natural. Doesn’t Make The Beard Stiff (Woodland Harmony)

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Why have a problem with unmanageable, shapeless hair on your face? Clever men make use of this beard wax to include form in addition to nourishment for their beard. Intended that will help you tame rowdy hairs that won’t remain in place, this 100% all-natural beard styling wax delivers a perfect gentle hold without departing your beard stiff or sticky. Made to absorb and blend, all ingredients within this wax are natural, cruelty-free in addition to vegetarian. Maintaining the dwelling and health of the beard is simpler than it may seem. It takes only a couple of seconds each day to raise your general look from lifeless to attractively gripping. After each use, your locks in addition to face is going to be conditioned with moisture. This nourishment ultimately results in a more controllable beard with less split ends, dry skin or beard itch. It is also perfect when utilized as moustache wax to keep that hair where it belongs, above the mouth area. Easy to make use of, you’ll feel undeniably sophisticated if you use this wax for beards. It is made from no chemicals, parabens, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colorants. Which means even men with sensitive skin can indulge their whiskers with this particular wax too. We believe that’s a win-win type of situation. Filled with a smart blend in excess of 4 essential oils, it has a delicate Cedar plank Wood, Sandalwood scent that’s both musky and sweet. Attract your cunning side, from morning to nighttime walk together with your mind held high as well as your beard searching amazing. Watch out for counterfeits. Seven Potions goods are offered ONLY underneath the Seven Potions name.

  • TAME THE Animal: A beard wax which will shape your beard without which makes it look stiff or abnormal
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC: We only use 100% 100 % natural ingredients without any creatures testing
  • ONLY PURE INGREDIENTS: NO Colorants, NO Parabens, No Synthetic Chemicals. Just pure 100 % natural ingredients.
  • MEDIUM HOLD: It’s well suited for beard control with shaping and never sculpting. Utilize it like a mustache wax to make it look naturally tamed.
  • CONDITIONS & PROTECTS: The premium natural butters, vitamins, carrier and essentials oils make sure that this beard styling wax could keep your beard nourished and guarded during the day.

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