BlueFire Electric Bald Head Shaver Razor 5 Headed Flex Rechargeable Waterproof Hair Clipper Special Design for Bald Head and Face Shaving [ IMPROVE QUALITY, STRICTLY TESTING ONE BY ONE ]

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Novelty Shaver for Bald Mind
5 Flex Rotate Shaver, More powerful Motor as much as 22000 Revoltions per minute for fast and shut shave of huge regions of mind and the body.
Please be aware that this shaver is the perception of hair under 3-5mm/.12-.2inch, in case your locks are more than 5mm/.2inch, please cut your hair shorter before by using this item.

Cordless & Plug and Shave
It’s Build-in Rechargeable Battery, it may connect 110-240V Worldwide current AC and act as a Corded Electric Shave
(For safety reason, please unplug the AC adapter when the item isn’t charging or shaveing)

Professional Standard Configuration
110-240V for Worldwide Use
Motor Switch on to 22000 Revoltions per minute
1.7Meter/5.6ft Lengthy Power Cablev Eco-friendly Material, IECEE Certified

The very first time, please fully charge for 10-12 hrs before use.
For safety reason, please unplug the AC adapter when the item isn’t charging or shaveing
Clean the Blade Regularly for the best using affect
To increase service existence of battery, please keep your battery billed at least one time every two several weeks, make sure the battery is activated.

Promotion: We Recommend you purchasing a Substitute Mind for lengthy time use.

Package incorporated:
1 x Bald Mind Shaver
1 x Clean Brush
1 x Use Manual

  • 【SPECIALLY The Perception Of BALD Mind SHAVE】 This mind shaver is made for hair under 3-5mm/.12-.2inch (Lengths of three-five days natural growth), additionally, it can shave the face simultaneously
  • 【COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE】 .08MM Ultra Slim Shaver Foil & Acute Position Design, it won’t JAM or PULL hair, Totally rash-free and allergic-free, Experience no nicks, cuts or burns
  • 【INTELLIGENT MIRCO POWER CHIP】 This shaver will make certain the motor have a high Revoltions per minute dislike battery level, you’ll have a smooth shave even if your battery is low
  • 【ERGONOMIC SHAPE】 Removable Blade, Entire Body Waterproof, Simple to use and Clean
  • 【PLUG AND SHAVE】 Once the battery go out, you can just connect AC plug and continue your shave, virtually no time is wasted

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