Body Scrub Sponge Remove the Oil Exfoliation Improved Skin Texture Round-shaped Deep Cleansing Plant Fiber 100% Biodegradable by KaloryWee

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Magic Painless Laser Hair Removal Depilation Sponge Pad Remove Hair Leg Arm Hair Remover Effective

shape:water drop shape and heart shape,send by random
A really cute little factor, absolute security, to not hurt your skin Oh! The key would be that the first ground, go hair, put an finish to direct shaving departing the brand new lengthy-haired lengthy thicken hard!
2.The look is extremely user-friendly, with two faces, pink face – simple to hair, eco-friendly surface – lubricate your skin.
3. It may be reused, after washing with water could be dirty. Don’t use alkaline solvent cleaning, modify the results drops ~
4.Skin-friendly foam material, oh, very soft, remove hair without discomfort drops, need parents who with patience polished (circles) can pay attention to music as you’re watching TV while grinding Oh, normal is 5-ten minutes polished try looking in exactly the same position can be taken off hair!

Using :
1.before use, should be cause you to skin wet,
2.plase make use of the pink circle rotation one way friction, don’t press your skin, hair it’ll greanually disappear .

Package include:
1 pc hair remover sponge

We do not offer the option of style and color,we’ll send the merchandise randomly, we do hope you can understand^_^

  • Magic Painless Laser Hair Removal Depilation Sponge Pad Remove Hair Leg Arm Hair Remover Effective Organic Egyptian Loofah Exfoliating Glove Revitalising Dead Ocean Body Scrub 500g, 100% Organic Adding nourishment to Skin Exfoliating Salt Scrub, Wealthy in Natural Minerals for those Skin Tones, Combined with Mango & Kiwi Fruit Oils
  • 100% Safe Material — Produced from top quality konjac powder, Eco-friendly Tea Essence Added + 100% Biodegradable + Nature Friendly.
  • Deep cleanse skin and pore obvious. take away the impurities,blain, acne, blackhead, pimples. Promote facial bloodstream circulation, strengthen cell growth, balance skin PH value.
  • Create More Lather — Use less Soapy Create more lather. Make bubble more exquisite, increase cleansing aftereffect of soap.
  • Superior quality loofah pad glove for cleansing and exfoliating—micro needle internal regeneration wrinkle cellulite scar stretchmark liquid liner make essential piece kits no touch hands system lotus flower 20% neck bottle works or a refund guarantee master precise moisturizer 1.7 oz night moisturizing dry cherry ceramic paddle

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