Braun 70S replacement heads series 7, Cutter, foil, razor, spares, parts, shaver spares, shaver parts,9000 Pulsonic Electric Men’s Shavers, cassette Silvers with Cleaning Brush and Braun 7ml Oil

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The substitute from the shaver mind is extremely easy.

First take away the foil, either by pressing the discharge button if
your shaver has one, or just by pulling the foil. Now rotate the
cutter block by 90 levels and accomplish it, holding it in the ends
to prevent touching the blades. To suit new parts, perform same
procedure backwards. for any perfectly thorough shave. All Braun
Series shavers provide you with a hassle-free shaving experience, without
the requirement for soap or foam. It’s an easy and quick solution with
results that last all day long.

Certain shavers have taken advantage of enhancements within the high
performance parts throughout the duration of one. we simply provide a
high end parts model in which the compatibility is guaranteed,
meaning you are able to securely purchase it as well as in these cases return
more than 100% of the shaver’s performance!

  • Official electric razor from the NLF Braun shavers are extremely reliable. Nonetheless, the cutting parts – the foil and cutting block – put on lower with time with repeated use. This really is hardly surprising, as with 18 several weeks you’ve already shaved a place how big a football pitch! Consequently, Braun recommends you switch the foil and cutting block every 18 several weeks to make sure your shaver is constantly on the perform at its best.
  • Substitute Face foil and Cutterblock for Braun Shaver, Replacing your shaver mind provides a 60% better shave. For max performance clean regularly. World’s Number One Foil Shaver Brand* *According to global Braun value be part of electric foil shaver market from May 2013 to to April 2014
  • Braun electric razors are made and tested to last a minimum of 6 years with proper maintenance excluding shaving cassette-use as indicated. Within 18 several weeks, your Braun shaver will cut typically 6,000,000 hairs-equal to shaving a whole soccer field. Therefore, Braun recommends altering your shaver’s foil & cutter block every 18 several weeks a shaver’s maximum performance. For any perfect shave every single day.
  • 100% WATERPROOF All Braun shavers are waterproof as much as 5 metres. You are able to easily rinse them under flowing water for simple and hygienic cleaning. 10B/20B Formerly Referred To As 1000/2000FC
  • Individually floating foils and trimmer on the pivoting mind for any more effective shave with less pressure, less repetition, less irritation.

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