Electric Toothbrush 3 Modes with Build-in 2 Mins Timer Rechargeable Rotating Toothbrush, Waterproof Model 2205 Black Sboly

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Show your brilliant smile

By utilizing Sboly rotary electric toothbrush,Round mind rotates and oscillates as much as 8800 occasions per minutes,completely cleans one’s teeth surface and also the tight space between teeth,reduces tartar accumulating along gumlines,brings natural whiteness for your teeth in fourteen days.

Optimize your brushing habit

There’s a build-by 50 percent mins timer for brushing a dental professional suggested heathy time,It’ll auto-shut-off afer 2 mins to prevent overbrushing. along with a pause indication every thirty seconds for swithing to another quadrant of teeth.

Choose the best way of a wholesome brushing

You will find three modes:clean,sensitive,massage.Differ in speed and frequency,suit for various kind of teeth.Need to know which mode fits you? Check it out.

Strategies for use

1-Once the electric toothbrush battery indicate light goes red, please charge the electrical toothbrush for twenty-four hrs if it’s the very first time,charge for 12 hrs int the following.

2-To prevent splashing tooth paste for your clothes, please switch on the toothbrush following the toothbrush mind enter on to your teeth.

3-The product suits for kids and adults over 12 years of age. Those who have teeth issue,please consults your dental professional before while using electric toothbrush.

4-Alter the brush mind every 3 monthes for the dental hygiene.

Pack includes

1*Toothbrush Handle

2*Substitute Heads

1*USB Charge Cable(without adapter)


  • Make Teeth Whiter IN fourteen days – Our electric toothbrushes rotate and oscillate as much as 8800 occasions/mins, clean 100% more plaque, completely remove persistent stains brought on by cigarette, dark wine, coffee, tea etc
  • SMART TIMER Of Two MINUTES – Auto turn off after 2 mins,pause every thirty seconds reminds for switching brushing area, controls the brushing amount of time in smart way for much better brushing habit
  • 3 BRUSHING MODES ROTATING TOOTHBRUSH – Clean / Sensitive / Massage Differ in speed and frequencey, suit for various individuals with different brushing needs
  • RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH – Simple to charge by USB micro-connection, each charge holds for fourteen days useful
  • 360 days warranty and 180 hassle-free refund for just about any defect. After-purchase service by email available 24/7

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