Electric Toothbrush,Fairywill Sonic Toothbrush 3 Optional Modes and 3 Replacement Heads for Adults, 4 Hours Charge Minimum 30 Days Use with 508 Black Version

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Fairywill 508 Electric Toothbrush will probably be your good assistant.

There exists a strong desire to discover more on our customers opinions and feedback to master our products. We put our customers first to ensure that every customer who purchases a Fairywill method is happy and satisfied.

Our electric toothbrush has always helped lots of people solve their dental problems.

If you’re searching to have an electric toothbrush that has elevated levels of performance and quality,

then you need to give 508 black an opportunity.

The black appearance looks pretty awesome.

Besides, waterproof, smart timer,lengthy battery existence, 3 modes plus much more.

We’ve all you want. When you use our electric toothbrush you’ll experience something totally new and magical which can make your brushing more enjoyable.

Electric toothbrushes are recognized to provide you with better cleaning compared to regular toothbrushes.

While using 508 black could make you smile more with confidence.

In addition, dental professional recommendation,customer choice.

Why not join us in this loving brand?

Buy this Toothbrush and you will get:

1*Fairywill Electric Sonic Toothbrush Handle

4*Brush Heads

1*Protective Bristle Cover

1*Electricity Cable (Adaptor not incorporated)

1*Manual Instruction


*Fresh users may go through a tickling/tingling sensation but normally get accustomed to it within 2 days.

*3 cleaning modes bring different choose to the teeth.

CLEAN:Deeply clean food residue and plaque. Prevent tooth pain and cavities.

SENSITIVE: Lightly cleans one’s teeth and tenderly takes care of your gums, appropriate for first-time user and gum sensitive people.

MASSAGE: Massage the gums, accelerate bloodstream circulation and allow you to reduce gum bleeding.

  • ➤Powerful Cleanliness and Teeth Whitening:This electric toothbrush has 40000 strokes/min, which cleanliness is much more stronger when in contrast to other toothbrushes, and you’ll begin to see the change of teeth after seven days and whiten the teeth after fourteen days.
  • ➤4 Hrs of Charge can be used as thirty days:Our sonic toothbrush only must be billed for 4 hrs but can be used as greater than thirty days. That is charges with the Electricity port easier than base charging whenever you travel. Besides, It featuring with waterproof function you are able to use it in bathroom.
  • ➤3 Modes Adjustable and 4 Substitute Heads:This toothbrush has Clean, Sensitive and Massage mode. Multiple choices can fit more and more people and it’s not necessary to be worried about finding patterns that you want. There are 4 brush heads in the package, which can be used for up to 9 months.
  • ➤2 Min Smart Timer and 30s Reminders:The smart timer can promise the shortest brushing time suggested by dental professional and pause reminders every thirty seconds will help you clean each tooth area effectively. Also, it will likely be closed automatically after completion.
  • ➤1 Year Warranty and 24 h Customer Support: All Fairywill electric toothbrushes can enjoy 1 year warranty from the date of purchase and 180 days no hassle refund. Join our membership and you’ll get additional half year warranty.

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