Exclusive New Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Pen (SOLD BY PENTA 06)

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Product Information The Neutrogena Visibly Obvious Light Box Therapy Targeted Acne Place Treatment methods are proven to deal with spots fast. It’s an on-the-go 2 minutes acne place treatment. Features The Neutrogena Visibly Obvious Light Box Therapy targets and treats acne spots fast. On-the-go-2 minute proven acne place treatment. Revolutionary technology which brings acne light box therapy to your home. Chemical and Ultra violet-free. Warnings or Limitations Warnings: Don’t use if you’re pregnant, might be pregnant or nursing because the risks are unknown and haven’t been established. Product Uses 1. Before while using device the very first time, take away the pull-tab on the rear of the unit. 2. Wash and dry the therapy area. Gently put the mind from the device within the treatment area therefore it makes connection with the skin. 3. Press and contain the power button until it beeps once to start your treatment. Each treatment methods are 2 minutes. 4. The unit will switch off instantly after 2 minutes and can beep two times to show you your treatment methods are over. Use 3 occasions each day per treatment area.

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