HAAIRAY! Hair Building Fibers 100% Real Human Hair Fibers – Not Synthetic or Keratin – Hair Loss Concealer For use by Men and Women, Jet Black

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HAAIRAY! is really a cosmetic product produced from 100% real real hair that enables women and men to hide the look of hair loss and bald spots, giving the sense more hair.
HAAIRAY! doesn’t re-grow hair or stop hair thinning rather, it is just a cosmetic product which hides hair loss.
Over 85% of males through the age 50 may have hair thinning, and lots of women suffer too. HAAIRAY! is really a quick, simple and easy , painless way, to finish the suffering and change it having a full mind of hair!

+ HAAIRAY! will not appear within the wind or with perspiration.
+ To get rid of the merchandise simply wash by helping cover their shampoo.
+ For any extra hold use a light mist hairspray.
+ To use HAAIRAY! Simply shake the bottle liberally over thin and bald areas. This can release a large number of microscopic color matched fibers which bond for your scalp or thin hair with magnetized static electricity.
+ HAAIRAY! differs from similar products since it is produced from 100% Real Real Hair.
+ It is not produced from Keratin, cotton & rayon like competitors. You’ll have a undetectable natural appearance since it is real human hair.
+ We are among the couple of manufacturers using 100% real real hair.

    • Check other hair fibers ingredients. We only use 1 component: 100% natural real hair – not keratin, cotton or rayon.
    • Hair building fibers permit you to hide the look of hair loss and bald spots.
    • Less costly hair fibers are frequently using only 12-15g bottle. Look into the size.
    • For any more powerful hold we advise using regular hairspray pre and post using the hair fibers.
    • Nothing looks natural than real human hair. You cannot fake real human hair with synthetic fibers created using cotton and rayon.

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