Hair Building Fibers, Bulary Disposable Hair Fiber Natural Dense Hair Dark Brown

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Product Parameters:

Product Name: hairing fiber powder
Product color: black, light brown, brownish
Product specifications: about 15g
Product texture: fiber
Relevant people: individuals with sparse and thin hair
Product functions: specifically made from natural grass cotton fiber, integrated with your personal hair, modifiy thin, fine, and soft hair parts, possess a thick hair visual effects.


1. Please work completely following the locks are cleaned, make use of the product once the locks are totally dry.
2. Sprinkle the hairing fiber powder lightly and evenly around the sparse hair parts.
3. Lightly tapping your hair by hands to allow it entirely spread, then arrange your hair asnormal condition.
4. Obtain a better effect with hairspray.

Kindly indication:

1. The product isn’t hair-developer, just for modifying your hair, enable your hair looks denser and much more natural through getting the hairing fibers connected to the hair based on the principle of electrostatic adsorption.
2. The product is universal men and women, just for areas of sparse hair, poor effects for bald or hair thinning.
3. It’ll appear after frequent contact and friction, hairspray is suggested to for setting function.
4. It’s recommended for use each morning and wash off before you go to bed, since it chafe by friction between mind and pillow.
5. Please think hard before purchasing with this product can’t grown hair.

Packing List:

hairing fiber * 1

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  • NATURAL HAIR FIBERS: Herbal plants component, no chemical composition, no smell, no irritation towards the scalp, no burden on their own hair
  • Simple To APPLY AND CLEAN: Evenly sprinkled around the sparse part, safe and straightforward, convenient and healthy and cleaned by ordinary shampoo
  • Suit Your COLOR: Obtainable in 3 natural colors, for those hair types to camouflage thinning or balding because of hair thinning. Select a color a shade more dark than than yours for the best results
  • NATURAL ENOUGH HAIR FIBER POWDER, no thick feeling as wig, portable and convenient with apparent effect
  • DRY And Elegance HAIR As Always,Shake or spray into thinning area. Lightly pat hair to disperse fibers.,instantly provide you with the appearance of thicker, larger hair

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