Hair Building Fiber,Thinning Hair and Bald Spots Hair Loss Concealer for Women and Men-Immediate Effect(22g,Black)

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Our hair building fibers is definitely an amazing , and natural product which instantly eliminates the look of thin hair for both women and men. It’s a finely textured natural substance that binds for your existing hair and forms an entire layer of “hair” above your scalp on where your natural locks are.


Type: Hair building fibers
Color: Black
Internet Weight: 22g
Appropriate for : Man and ladies
Effectiveness: convenience/natural searching/fast

What exactly is it made from:
Hair building fibers are constructed with natural, colored keratin fibers – exactly the same protein that produces real hair. The keratin protein comes from an all natural source, and it is nearly just like real hair.

Package Incorporated:
1x Hair building fibers

Usage Step
Step1: Apply Hair Building Fibers Over Thinning Areas
*Take away the cap and position bottle over your mind,holding it in a 45-degree position.
*Lightly tap the fibers over hair before the thinning areas aren’t visible and you’re pleased with the fullness and amount of hair.
Step2: Pat Your Hair Building Fibers To Your Hair
*Lightly pat the fiber to combine them to your natural hair.
*This will result in the Hair Building Fibers completely undetectable.

1.Hair fibers aren’t appropriate for totally bold people, it must possess some hair there
2.Hair fibers can’t help make your hair straight , use a fixing spray
3.The product is disporable, it’ll go fall once you wash hair
4.The merchandise is a touch fade, it’s easier to wash it before you decide to sleep or put on a hat, however it will not look great.

  • *Simple to use- Build the coloured Fibers for thicker hair,intertwine together with your hair to produce a natural larger look until preferred outcome is achieved and although remaining undetectable.
  • *Working Principle* Hair Building Fibers is really a quick, simple and easy , painless method to finish the suffering and change it having a full mind of hair.It consists of fine fibres which have a static charge to stick to anyone’s hair.This enables each hair to appear thicker.
  • *Safe and non-toxic* Hair building fibers are constructed with natural, colored keratin fibers – exactly the same protein that produces real hair.An all natural keratin microfibre based treatment.Our option would be kind for your scalp, free of toxins and free of chemicals.
  • *Instructions* Shake your hair fibers liberally over preferred areas using the bottle opening facing completely downward. Don’t be concerned about any fibers falling into surrounding hair, because they only will disappear.Make use of your spare hands to steer during application or make use of a mirror to determine areas to become enhanced. Then lightly pat hair to disperse fibers through the area.
  • *Meant for- Works best for man and ladies.Dispose off any bald patch making hair look larger and healthier with no indications of the bald patch.Can Last For any Full Day and take away Easily Using Shampoo.

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