Hangsun Light Therapy Acne Mask FT330 Unlimited Sessions for Acne Spot Treatment

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Hangsun FT330 Light Box Therapy Acne Mask
That one-step treatment covers the face and it is simple to use in your own home.
After cleansing place the mask on. Push the button and allow it to work with ten minutes. You are able to relax and relax.
For clearer, healthier skin, use every single day.

How Light Box Therapy Works:
Light box therapy has been utilized by dermatologists within their offices for more than ten years. Brought lights work by lightly penetrating your skin at various depths to stimulate the skin’s physiology.
Blue light targets acne-causing bacteria while sore point reduces acne inflammation.

Following continuous 10-minute daily sessions for 12 days, the sunshine Therapy Acne Mask is proven to:
– Reduce acne within 7 days with results improving with time
– Allow skin to lightly heal itself from inside
– Visibly improve skin appearance for any clearer, healthier-searching complexion
– Ultra violet and Natural And Chemical Free treatment

The Sunshine Therapy Acne Mask is simple to use together with your current daily cleansing regime.

Follow these simple but important steps daily:
1. Wash the face together with your favorite cleansing product and dry the skin
2. Connect the Mask To the USB Power Port, Or Portable Battery Power
3. Place the mask and Goggles on
4. Press and contain the power button around the Mask for any full second before the lights seriously.
5. Put on for ten minutes and relax.
6. The Mask will switch off instantly after ten minutes. If you want to power it down throughout the treatment, press and contain the power button for 1 second.
7. Continue all of your skincare regime

  • Proven Light Box Therapy Technology – Blue and sore point lowering the existing inflamed breakouts and targeting spots before they seem, blue light targets acne-causing bacteria while sore point reduces acne inflammation.
  • Limitless Light Treatment Sessions – No activators needed, operated by USB port or portable electric batteries bank, technology-not only as numerous treatments while you needed, forget about extra costs.
  • Fast & Effective – Appropriate for those skin tones, lightweight, comfortable and safe. Visible results within 7 days with results improving with time.
  • 100% Ultra violet Free and Natural And Chemical Free Treatment – This nose and mouth mask harnesses the strength of proven technology to obvious acne and permit your skin to heal itself.
  • Auto Treatment Timer- The sunshine mask will turn off after ten minutes, goggles are incorporated for much better protection of eyes in the lights.

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