JML Power Floss Air & Water Powered Deep Cleaning Dental Flossing System

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Power Floss is really a one-handed, water-powered, new method to floss that’s so simple to use even kids will like it. Just grow it with water, point the ergonomically formed nozzle exactly where you need to floss and press. The accurate, effective water flosser will eliminate debris from hard-to-achieve areas that brushing as well as traditional flossing can frequently neglect. Because of air infusion technology, whenever you press lower, the environment propels water inside a effective stream that can help remove plaque-causing debris. No cords, no batteries, Power Floss is operated by air, so there is nothing to connect or charge and you may use Power Floss anywhere, anytime as lengthy so that as frequently as you desire. Power Floss is ideal for children and grown ups, with braces or any other orthodontic work, because unlike traditional floss, it does not have to slide up between your teeth. It simply shoots its jet exactly where you really need it most. It is also ideal for those who have sensitive gums, crowns, implants along with other dental work since you control the ability, with its low profile tip and ergonomic design, the back teeth are simple to achieve. You may also fill power floss together with your favourite mouthwash to obtain fresh breath and anti-plaque cleaning right in the gumline and between your teeth.

  • Air-propelled water jet blasts away debris
  • Fast and simple, just fill, point and press
  • No batteries or cords – use anywhere
  • Ergonomic the perception of quick access to each tooth
  • Fill with mouthwash for fresh breath

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