KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers – Keratin Hair Illusion Fibers for Thicker Hair in 30 Seconds, 28 g, Colour Dark Brown

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KeraFiber hair fibers are constructed with natural organic keratin protein, exactly the same protein that hair consists of. The proteins, which from the keratin protein, have unique qualities, however, once the exterior keratin layer is broken, hair begins to look unhealthy, dry and brittle. So KeraFiber Hair Building Fibres will return healthy and appealing turn to hair by supplying some natural organic keratin into it. The fibers are billed with static electricity so that they intertwine with your personal hair and bond safely. The molecules of surfactant contained in KeraFiber hair fibers are positively billed, which permits them to attract negatively billed particles of keratin proteins while you sprinkle them in your hair. Just shake around the fibers plus they remain in place all day long, through the night. KeraFiber fibers are undetectable even while close like a couple of inches away. The KeraFiber hair fibers look the same as hair and bond together with your existing hair. You won’t have embarrassing moments. When the fibers are set up they’re not going to appear with normal pat for your hair, or with perspiration, or wind. Using the KeraFiber fiber hold spray will raise the bond between your hair building fibers as well as your natural hair. KeraFiber is totally safe and made from natural keratin protein fibers. Many doctors recommend this despite hair loss transplants as KeraFiber completely conceals your thinning areas. If you’re concerned about hair thinning, KeraFiber may be the natural and efficient method to change how you experience your and yourself hair thinning. Following a couple of uses you’ll get back the arrogance you had before hair loss. Instantly builds hair with natural keratin protein fibres. Adds thickness and fullness for your hair within minutes. Why Would You Use KeraFiber Hair Building Fibres? KeraFiber instantly thickens hair loss Kerafiber is 100% All-Natural organic keratin protein KeraFiber is totally undetectable KeraFiber gives volume for your hair

  • 100% All-Natural organic keratin protein that instantly thickens hair loss and provides volume for your hair.
  • Obtainable in 9 different colours: Hair Fibers Black, Brownish, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, Blonde, Auburn, Gray, White-colored.
  • Keratin Hair Fibers appropriate for Women and men, for those hair types.
  • Natural and undetectable hair thinning remedy that blends naturally with existing hair.
  • Endorsed by Stylists, Doctors & Make-up artists for any thicker and healthier look.

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