Lavolta AC Adapter Power Supply Charger for Remington MB320 MB320c MB310 MB310c Barba Beard Trimmer

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Intelligent charging
Made to provide mains power for Remington Barba beard trimmers, this Lavolta AC adapter is an efficient and cost-effective solution to keep your trimmer billed when it’s needed most. It charges your trimmer faster because of Lavolta RapidPower technology as well as an intelligent microchip within the adapter ensures your trimmer is protected from unpredicted harmful electrical currents and spikes. Like several Lavolta products, this power continues to be made to a higher specs. Built-in complete safety features include overload, over-current, anti-interference and short circuit protection.

Quality that you could trust
This Lavolta AC adapter continues to be attempted and tested to make certain it really works with Remington MB320, MB320c, MB310 and MB310c beard trimmers. Developed in London, Lavolta goods are guaranteed to be effective and also to last. All of our goods are produced in compliance with United kingdom and EU rules, including emissions and safety standards. We maintain strict control of the whole product cycle by continuing to keep an eye over all the design, production, and delivery process.

Who we’re
Lavolta is really a consumer technology accessories brand resides in London. We focus on supplying individuals with quality items that serve you for a lengthy time. We’re positive about the caliber of the Lavolta products, which product has a lifetime warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We all know cash is tight for several people, therefore we strive to make certain our customer’s cash is never wasted. Ultimately we are hoping to make the planet just a little better when you are here, and serving our customers.

  • Genuine Lavolta charger for Remington MB320 MB320c MB310 MB310c Barba beard trimmers
  • Reliable and rapid charging with Lavolta RapidPower technology
  • Protects your Remington trimmer from overcharge and short circuit
  • CE and RoHS certified and tested within the United kingdom
  • thirty days money-back guarantee and lifelong warranty from Lavolta

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