LDN Professional Hair Building Fibres for Hair Loss and Thin Hair, No.1 for Instantly Thickening Hair Naturally, 20g hair fiber bottle (Black)

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LDN Professional Hair Building Fibres instantly provides you with the feel of thicker & larger hair. Your Hair Building Fibres are manufactured from a combination of Natural High Quality Cotton and Rayon fibres. For this reason unique fibre composition, there is a strong natural static charge that produces a magnetic effect, tightly binding LDN Professional Hair Building Fibres to the finest strands of real hair. Other brands of hair fibres tell you they are created using similar qualities to natural hair, and even though this might appear as an ideal choice, the science behind it proves that because there could be no magnetic charge as both keratin as well as your hair would have a similar magnetic charge, their fibres would choose your mind giving a set effect without any volume added in the fibres. LDN Professional Hair Building Fibres are constructed with an all natural cotton fibre that has the alternative charge for your hair, which makes it join together and supplying a volumising look.

  • Instant appearance of naturally thicker & textured hair. Regardless of whether you have thin or hair loss, you need to hide or cover many places, or simply come with an uneven hairline.
  • Premium Organic cotton fibres suitable for all hair and skin types other Keratin fibre products available on the market are made of woll based so don’t statically charge for your hair in the same manner and frequently lose colour when worn, while this Cotton Fibre supplies a more volumised & natural look throughout put on without colour loss.
  • This 20g size can last roughly 30 days with respect to the degree of use every time the LDN Professional Hair Building Fibres are applied.
  • Completely undetectable and do not smear, irritate, change colour or stain. Additionally they withstand wind, rain, & even perspiration. It’ll remain in place until beaten up with shampoo.
  • Utilized by Professional Hairstylists Worldwide.

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