NEW! Soft & Strong Beard Oil by EarthZest Organics – 100% Organic 100% Natural Beard Conditioner MADE WITH THE BEST ORGANIC OILS! Highly Concentrated & Long-Lasting 30ml. Money Back Guarantee

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✅ CONDITIONS, SOFTENS & NOURISHES Hair On Your Face WHILE MOISTURISING THE SENSITIVE SKIN UNDERNEATH – Perfectly formulated scent-free beard oil that softens and shines, without blocking pores or causing greasiness. Includes a natural, slightly nutty aroma that’s very subtle and will not clash together with your aftershave or any other EarthZest For Males products. ✅ Created Using PURE High Quality INGREDIENTS – Meticulously hands-blended within the United kingdom from 100% natural and organic Jojoba and Argan Oils and Little else! Studies have proven that fundamental essentials two BEST beard and skin conditioning oils so we rely on them in high volumes (rather of diluting all of them with cheaper, less efficient oils and fragrances). ✅ FORMULATED For Probably The Most SENSITIVE SKIN to condition & soften your beard as well as your entire neck and face with only a couple of drops. Apply whenever your beard and skin are slightly moist for the best results, massage in (making certain that you simply work the oil lower towards the skin) and you are all set! Because our Soft & Strong Beard Oil contains NO artificial ingredients, silicones, petrochemicals or cheap fillers for example water, you are receiving the best, most concentrated beard oil which will give visible results straightway & a ongoing improvement within the next couple of several weeks (as new, improved beard growth comes through minimizing layers of skin make their method to the top, revealing softer, healthier skin underneath). ✅ PREVENTS & TREATS BEARD Dry skin by controlling sebum and also the build-from the dead skin cells. Jojoba Oil is anti-microbial which will help avoid the development of bacteria and also the micro-organism that triggers flaking and beard dry skin. And cold-pressed Moroccan Argan Oil smooths and hydrates hair because it deeply penetrates without blocking your skin. It repairs broken follicles of hair, moisturises the skin and hair and adds shine without causing greasiness. ✅ Like It OR A Refund! – You’ve got nothing to get rid of because we provide a complete, no-quibble money-back guarantee.

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