Portable Cordless Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Aqua Dental Flosser Toothbrush,Cordless Teeth Whitening Water Dental Flosser Oral Irrigator Teeth Cleaning Flusher Toothbrush for Home and Travel

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The Recently designed Professional Water Dental Flosser supplies a simple and easy , efficient way to aid proper teeth and gum health at anywhere and anytime. Our Dental Irrigator need no batteries, which provides you a lot more convenience.Technology-not only anywhere and anytime whitout no electricity worried. Dental Irrigator helps promoting cleaner teeth and healthier gums, a remarkably clean, fresh happy mouth. Water flosser is simpler and fewer abrasive than string floss. The is really a effective water jet which will help remove debris deep between teeth and reduces the chance of bacteria build-in crevices and underneath the gumline. Include just a little mouthwash for an additional fresh feeling. Irrigating is ideal for spots where difficult to achieve, especially for those who have bridges and braces.

Water Flosser effectively blasts away food debris in your teeth, prevents tartar, soothes sore gums, gets rid of tonsil gemstones, and cuts down on the formation of periodontitis.
Irrigating teeth and gum is less abrasive than string flossing.
Its angled nozzle is ideal to achieve the tonsil crypts and take away tonsil gemstones or eliminate dental tooth decay.
Improves gum health, freshens breath,decrease disease infection.
Regular irrigation will help in preventing gums and teeth and enhance your dental and dental hygiene.
The portable water flosser works super well for individuals who’ve braces, bridges, implants and therefore are not able to floss as effectively.

No batteries, cords, or charging stations is needed.
Super portable and light-weight.
Simple and easy , safe to function.
Food and drug administration approved.
Simple to Fill Water Tank: Just open and rapidly fill your irrigator.

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1x Effective Whitening Water Flosser Dental Irrigator
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  • Convenient: The brand new designed Water Flosser consists of top quality materials may use for several years.It will make more thorough clean in under half of times when compared with traditional string flossing.
  • Super lightweight and portable, no batteries or Cords needed, ecological protection and saving, can transport anywhere and anytime, very convenient for office at home party and travle.It’s more far better to operate than other electrical flosser.
  • Dental professional suggested – The brand new technology dental flosser continues to be clinically shown to be as much as 3x more efficient than traditional flossing whilst being gentle on teeth and gums. Effective air power produces directed water jets to dislodge food and plaque. It’s ideal for keeping teeth and gum, braces, bridges, implants, crowns, or periodontal pockets clean.
  • Water Flosser may also use to wash nasal passages as well as reducing Nasal Allergic reactions, Congestion, Stuffiness, Dryness and Hay Fever, Nasal Signs and symptoms from Flu and Cold, Nasal Irritation from Work-related and House Dust, Fumes, Animal Dander, Grass, Pollen, Smoke, etc.
  • Built rich in-quality BPA-free plastic, and authorized by the Food and drug administration as safe for dental use.Simple to fill water tank,just open and rapidly fill your dental irrigator.

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