QCBC Facial Skin Ultrasonic Scrubber Facial Peeling Spatula Exfoliation Blackhead Remover Microdermabrasion Exfoliator Skin Rejuvenation Face Cleanser Cordless Cleanser

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Usage: After cleaning, apply appropriate quantity of skincare products, affect the face area having a ring, start flowing in to the pattern (the rear of the device is facing up), lightly slide using the skin’s growth lines, rub for 3 minutes, and awaken your skin.

Action principle: Water and ultrasound simultaneously to wash your skin, through as much as 28,000 occasions the Vibration Frequency?convert water in to the condition of mist, with the  vibration mode straight to  clean the blackhead or acne, skin impurities is going to be vibration out by ultrasound , without visiting the salon can certainly look after the skin

  • Softening Cutin and cleaning?Using water mist vibration, favorable to removing aging cutinAcne pimple place remover,
  • microdermabrasion device exfoliates and resurfaces your skin to advertise skin health & facial renewal. Gemstone multifunctional dermabrasion skin beauty instrument,
  • electronic facial machine works best for removing dead skin cells and blackhead acne, smoothing out wrinkles, cleaning dirt and excessive grease.
  • After removing skin dirt by ion-leading out and nutrient promoting by ion-leading in?
  • Fade wrinkles and go back to the youthful? The very best Birthday and xmas gift choice! Perfect gift for buddies.

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