Rangale Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor Men’s Manual Shaver Sliver + 5 Platinum Sharp Blades

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This traditional double edge safety razor is a the parker sr1 review.
It’s made from chrome plated Aluminum that is durable and comfy to carry.
Double edge safety razors provide a great close shave with less maintenance and time than the usual straight edge.
The security razor includes three parts. The razor includes a classic mind that’s simple to use and provide a detailed and comfy shave.
This razor has durable handle which enables the load from the razor to complete the shaving.
This safety razor has reliable grip.
If you are searching for the right starter razor, that one will work for you.


Type: Safety Razor
Material: Premium Aluminum
Color: Silver
Item Size: Approximately. 12.4 * 4.1 cm

Package List :
1x Safety Razor
5x Double Edge Blades

  • Made from premium high-finish durable Aluminum material,chrome plating
  • Includes 5 Pc replaceable platinum blades,sharp and sturdy
  • Fits all standard double edge razors blades,simple to replace
  • Extra Lengthy handle roughly 12 cm, provides solid feel within the hands
  • It features a chrome finish, making the razor look sleek, stylish and straightforward

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