Remington MB4045 Beard Kit (Beard Trimmer, Mixed Boar Bristle Beard Comb and Stainless Steel Scissors)

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Its official, the beard is not going anywhere soon. This style staple for contemporary men and discerning gentlemen everywhere is now able to groomed perfectly using the Remington Beard Package, containing a professional beard trimmer with three combs, Mixed boar bristle brush and stainless scissors – all you need to trim, style and shape your beard. Model no .: MB4045 Because every beard differs, this advanced bit of package includes an array of combs to make sure complete versatility when grooming and shaping your hair on your face. For many serious beard action, the XL Beard Comb is online resources taming longer length beards. With length varying from 20mm – 35mm – now even burliest of beards could be stored under control. The package includes a variable Beard Comb with lengths varying from 1.5mm – 18mm, enabling you to tailor your trim for your preferred beard length. In addition to this, there’s a Stubble Comb with lengths varying from 1mm – 5mm, so that you can select the perfect setting to accomplish your thing and thoroughly shape and trim your look. Created for strength and superior cutting performance, the Remington Beard package trimmer includes Titanium coated, self-sharpening blades – top quality for lengthy lasting results. Grades: .5-35mm. Worldwide current. 4 hour charge here we are at two hours usage. Washable heads. 3 attachments: 1 stubble comb (.5-5mm), 1 adjustable comb (1.5-18mm), 1 XL beard comb (20-35mm). For dry use. Pop-up trimmer. Cordless use. Accessories include: scissors and blade guard. General information: Rechargeable powered by batteries. Manufacturer’s 3 year guarantee. EAN: 4008496823529.

  • Titanium coated, self-sharpening blades are equipped for strength and cutting performance, so that you can enjoy lengthy lasting, top quality results
  • The Remington Beard Package includes all of the accessories required to style and groom your beard, a set of premium stainless scissors will assist you to trim lower your beard before you decide to shape and trim the mixed boar bristle brush also enables you to definitely brush using your beard pre and post styling
  • XL adjustable comb (20-35 mm) are designed for the more length beards, as the adjustable short length comb (1.5-18 mm) and stubble comb (1- 5 mm) permit you to trim to shorter preferred beard lengths
  • Lithium battery delivers lengthy-stamina as well as an impressive two hours run time so you’ve constantly needed to offer the look you would like
  • Item includes United kingdom socket and 4 hrs charge time

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