Saaqaans BSR-01 Shaving Product Straight Cut Throat Razor – Professional Barber Manual Folding Moustache Beard Shaving Razors for Men with a Stylish Pouch (Stainless Steel Black)

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Excellent High Quality Completely New Professional Barber Shaving Razor

Vicious shave the way in which with this particular replaceable blade razor. Saaqaans razor is really a close in accordance with the straight razor using the difference because the blades could be altered, as being a safety razor. What this means is it’s not necessary to be worried about stropping and sharpening yet benefit from the closeness of the straight razor shave. This razor uses standard safety double edge razor blades like Derby, Gillette 7 o’clock, Astra Superior etc. which can easily be bought in many supermarkets in addition to online – a simple and quick process.

Using Saaqaans Shaving Razor

★ Using the blade still in the wrapping, carefully bend lengthways before the blade snaps. Remove wrapper and put to 1 side.
★ Open the very best hinged cover from the razor until it’s retracted completely.
★ Split the blade holder so the razor has become fanned out into 3 parts.
★ Carefully take half from the clicked blade and put using the location pins.
★ Carefully close sleep issues from the blade holder within the blade before the pins enter in the holes. When the blade moves slightly at this time then push gently back to position (try not to make use of your fingers to do this as it will be sharp). Push the hinged cover go back over the blade holder. A little area of the fringe of the blade should certainly be showing evenly.
★ Congratulations! After you are prepared to commence the very best shave of the existence.

Package Contains

♣ 1 x Shaving Razor (Blades aren’t incorporated)
♣ 1 x Black Situation/Pouch

Buy With 100% Confidence!

All Saaqaans products include 100% money-back guarantee, therefore if you are unsatisfied with this products or unconditionally, you might give it back in original condition (unused) within thirty days and i believe refund.

  • YOUR SHAVE Can Last LONGER: If you use an ordinary safety razor, you have to shave every single day. But using Saaqaans razor the skin only must be shaven every second day. You’ll look awesome and using a straight razor you’ll impress much of your buddies and most likely also yourself.
  • BETTER For The SKIN: Three or five blade razors irritate your skin a lot more and you have to press it tough upon your skin for their services. Therefore this shaving method is so excellent and frequently using for much better skincare products compared to average shaver. The face will thanks later.
  • Large Amount Of BEARD TO Shed: If you have lots of beard to shed, it’s much simpler to shave with this particular razor than other costly razor since the beard will get stuck between your multiple blades razor and also you frequently obtain a tugging sensation that irritates you. However with Saaqaans razor you are able to go much nearer to the skin without sticking.
  • WHICH BLADES Have To BUY: Saaqaans razor uses 1 / 2 of a dual-edge blade so that you can buy any standard double edge razor blades like (Derby, Astra, Gillette 7 O’ clock etc) which can easily be bought in many supermarkets in addition to online. For blade installation please visit below within the description.
  • WHAT’S Incorporated Within The PACKAGE: You’re going to get one Branded Saaqaans razor inside a beautiful pouch having a manual instructions incorporated within the package PLUS you’re going to get FULL thirty days Money-back Guarantee in situation if you’re not pleased with the merchandise. NOTE: Blades aren’t incorporated within the package.

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