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If you are among the growing gang of men that prefer to feel and look their finest, preferring to shave using traditional techniques, then your Gentlemens Face Care Club shaving brush is the best accessory for your shaving package…

With different classic Italian design this shaving brush continues to be carefully crafted to supply great outcomes but additionally look great and stand the ages

Having a heavy, quality base you receive additional control when using the cream for your neck and face and it also stands firmly on its finish or could be hung on the shaving stand easily

The boar bristles feel lavish and permit you to create a great lather. They are firm enough to lift the most difficult of hairs and exfoliate your skin, although not too soft like cheap shaving brushes which only slowly move the cream around the face

There are a variety of explanations why boar locks are your own favourite as well as the shaving bristle preferred by best barbers…

* Boar hair does not leach a grimy brown residue and have that uncomfortable “wet dog” smell of badger hair does

* Boar bristle shaving brushes hold water very well and since they are just a little firmer, also lift the stubble allowing you to obtain a really close shave

* Possibly most significant of, we are fully from the farming of badgers, this is an inhumane practice, which we do not want any kind of!

To have an over-all professional-quality experience and finest results we advise utilizing a straight razor with Gentlemans Face Care Club shaving cream along with a shaving bowl can be bought here on Amazon . com

WORRY FREE¬†SHOPPING – Our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If there’s a problem with this particular shaving brush unconditionally we’ll provide you with a 100 % refund, no questions requested – If you are not totally happy just tell us about this

Click on the “Increase Basket” button NOW (top right) to purchase one on your own and feel the luxury feel of the boar hair shaving brush only at that great discount cost, completely risk-free!

  • PROFESSIONAL SHAVING EXPERIENCE – Produced from pure boar bristle having a solid cast resin handle. The hefty weight of the shaving brush provides it with an excellent feel inside your hands and also the densely packed bristles help to provide you with a very close shave
  • SMOOTH SOFT SKIN – High quality boar bristles create a wealthy, creamy lather when combined with any type of lubricant – shaving soap, cream, gel, oil or foam. Utilizing a good shaving brush exfoliates your skin and lifts stubble and shorter hairs to provide an very comfortable shave although reducing shaving rash and razor bumps
  • Nearest EVER SHAVE – Boar bristles really are a little firmer and never too soft like badger hair could be and that’s why they are considered by many people to become a superior shaving brush for any close, smooth wet shave
  • BADGER FRIENDLY – The Gentlemans Face Care Club is completely from the inhumane farming of badgers in other areas around the globe that is another a primary reason why we do not create a badger hair shaving brush and employ boar hair rather
  • OUR UNIQUE BRISTLE LOSS LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We are so positive about the caliber of our traditional shaving brush that people offer our very own brand guarantee. We all know that brushes lose a couple of bristles when new because once the knot is irritated for that first couple of occasions it frequently displaces a couple of hairs, but an excellent shaving brush should last for a long time with no more hair thinning. For this reason we provide our unique ‘Lifetime Lengthy Term Bristle Loss Guarantee’ so that you can purchase from us with full confidence

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