Travel Toothbrush Convenient for Travelling and Holiday Use Electric Toothbrush Enjoy Brushing Anywhere Anytime 2 Replacement Heads Black by Fairywill(FW-515)

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Fairywill Travel Electric Toothbrush clean the teeth with more than 35000 strokes each minute.Remove as much as 100% more plaques and stains in 7 days, improve gum and dental health by 50 percent days, in contrast to a normal manual toothbrush.

Clean/Soft/Massage 3 optional modes appropriate for various teeth and gum. 2 minutes smart timer with interval pause in thirty seconds.

A complete charge takes around 4 hrs for more than thirty days use. (2 minutes each brush and two times each day.)

3 replaceable toothbrush heads incorporated. Tooth-waved bristles created using Dupont nylon, to match teeth topography for thorough cleaning of gums and difficult to achieve areas. Rounded bristle top for safety and gentleness.

USB inductive charging, safe and simple, auto turn off after charging is finished, to prevent overcharging for extended battery existence, simple to use both at home and travel.

Package included:

1* Electric toothbrush handle

3* Substitute heads

1* USB cable without adapter

1* Instructions


Attach the bristle with tooth paste around the teeth before activating the comb to prevent splashing paste.

Lightly slowly move the brush over the teeth without pressure. The very best cleaning performance is achieved when you are able clearly have the micro brush movements in your teeth.

Once the charge will finish, you might feel noticeable less strong motion and merely recharge to obtain regular power.

Dentists suggest 2 minutes toothbrush some time and replace toothbrush mind a minimum of every 3 several weeks.

  • ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH CLEAN The Teeth AS Dental professional with more than 35,000 strokes each minute. Remove as much as 100% more plaque within seven days, in contrast to the manual toothbrush. Achieve noticeable healthier gums and whiter teeth in only fourteen days.
  • 4 Hrs CHARGE FOR MINIMUM thirty days USE based on revolutionary dynamic and power system. Lengthy battery existence billed by USB Cable and suitable for phone charger, power bank, computer, tablet or Ipad with USB port.
  • 3 OPTIONAL MODES Of Unpolluted, SOFT, MASSAGE to match different teeth and gum. Light in hands minimizing noise. Appropriate for trvelling and camping use.Not meant for children under 3. Children under 8 ought to be supervised with a parent or adult.
  • 2 MINUTES SMART TIMER WITH INTERVAL PAUSE reminding each thirty seconds to inspire dental professional-suggested brushing habit.
  • UNIQUE Style Of TOOTH-WAVED BRISTLES for thorough cleaning of gum and difficult to achieve areas. Simple to clean back of teeth, teeth gaps, molars, knowledge teeth as well as is appropriate for braces.

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