Vibrantz hair fibers, 100% Natural Keratin Thickening Hair Fibres for hair loss treatment concealer for men and women – 27.5g/0.97oz (Light Brown)

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From your saying: Bridge That Gap it’s possible to reckon that we mean business in Hair Thinning industry and without a doubt we’re only, the marketplace leader in Hair fibre industry. Thickens hair instantly from new designed technology and things that are natural. High-grade fibres produced from 100% natural keratin and made to merge perfectly with your personal hair.

Vibrantz® adds volume & cover any section of the mind. Vibrantz® hair fibre could be worn regardless of what your hair do is and provides you with natural look. Unlike other cheap brands claiming ‘100% keratin natural ingredients’ or use cotton fibres have produced hype in market, aren’t the things they claim.

We are so confident you will have a great knowledge about our hair thickening fibres, we provide a complete 30-day money-back guarantee. Vibrantz® Hair Fibres are manufactured from 100% 100 % natural ingredients and doesn’t contain synthetic additives or chemicals in the preparation.

Vibrantz® is really a unique new concoction of microfiber hair that stick and blend together with your natural hair. Undetectable because we’ve used 100% keratin that instantly thickens hair giving incredible results. Vibrantz® is revolutionary for hair thinning solution disguising thinning & transforming fine hair into hair with volume.
Vibrantz® fibres are manufactured from exactly the same protein, hair is made of. Our natural keratin hair fibres make a start instantly transforming hair to appear thicker and larger.

Vibrantz® doesn’t contain ammonia or aluminium. Vibrantz® has utilized 100% natural keratin & microfiber “hairs” are particularly made to attach & stay with each strand of the natural hair to be able to provide a larger more luscious look.

Vibrantz® ‘Bridge That Gap’ is trade mark make of Vibrantz Cosmetics Limited.

  • Vibrantz® hair building fibres will merge & mix flawlessly with your personal hair using electrostatic charge. Vibrantz® hair fibres are constructed with 100% natural Keratin.
  • Vibrantz® hair building fibers can give instant, natural and lengthy-lasting hair thickness for your hair which lasts all day long.
  • Vibrantz® hair fibres are suitable for men & women. For those who have hair loss, a large parting, or hair thinning in the crown area you need to hide, then your search is over as our Keratin fibres are a fantastic solution.
  • Vibrantz® helps scalp & hair protection, doesn’t harm your overall hair or hamper normal hair regrowth and it is waterproof.
  • Vibrantz® is made of 100% 100 % natural ingredients and doesn’t contain synthetic additives or chemicals in the preparation. Using vibrantz hair fibres, please make reference to manual within the box

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