Volumon Professional Hair Building Fibres- Hair Loss Concealer- KERATIN- DARK BROWN 28g- Get Upto 30 Uses

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Volumon keratin fibres utilises the most recent technology to guarantee the thickest, textured and natural keratin hair solution. It’s a cosmetic breakthrough which immediately transforms the way you look, departing women and men with thicker searching hair within thirty seconds. The fibres are electro statically billed, developing a magnetic effect, binding these to existing hair cells, thus maximising their holding potential. They product dramatic density with volume and totally undetectable coverage for your thinning and balding areas. Volumon Keratin Hair Fibres make use of the greatest quality, pure organic keratin, the most much like protein present in humans. This gives probably the most realistic and textured artificial hair solution. The outcomes are extremely dense and natural, that it’s impossible to identify any artificial fibres, even at close range.

Volumon’s keratin hair fibre formula is really effective, the fibres are resistant against wind, rain and perspiration, yet they easily wash by helping cover their shampoo.

The fibres affix to your overall hair, which results in a strong hold which lasts all day long.

Volumon keratin hair fibres may be used on all sorts and shades of hair. Whether it’s black, brown or blonde, shorty, curly or lengthy, the outcomes will stay outstanding. Even at close range it’s impossible to identify your hair fibres, as they do not spear or stain, and still provide an all natural, thick and textured appearance.

Hairloss might have an enormously negative impact on our confidence and self esteem. Volumon’s hair fibres have helped positively alter the lives of millions of folks accross the world, from individuals struggling with alopecia, from individuals experiencing hair loss, or perhaps drastic hair loss.

  • Volumon Keratin Hair Fibres Make Use Of The Greatest Quality, Pure Organic Keratin, The Most Much Like Protein Present In Humans.
  • The Fibres Affix To Your Exisiting Follicles Of Hair, Which Results in a Strong Hold Which Lasts All Day Long
  • Impossible To Identify- Don’t Smear Or Stain- Supplying an all natural, Thick & Textured Appearance
  • Can Last For any Full Day and take away Easily Using Shampoo
  • Obtainable In 8 Different Colours

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