Wahl Super Groom Premium Pet Clipper

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The Wahl Super Groom cord/cordless clipper may be used with no cord offering freedom of motion having a 100 minute cordless run time, or use using the cord once the charge is low. Includes a quick charge option that provides you with enough batterylife for touch ups, also offers a obvious Brought battery strength indicator which means you know whenever your clipper is fully billed and able to go. Comes including a effective high end motor, made to be robust and cut through any coat type. With this chromeplated precision snap on/off blade set delivering a superb cutting performance and also to make blade maintenance and substitute easy, making certain the product will come across all of your clipping needs. Supplying cutting length choices for all jackets with ourintegrated blade cutting length adjustment for gutting lengths from .7mm to 3mm and also the 6 individual attachment combs for cutting lengths of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm and 25mm. Every aspect of the look happen to be considered within the manufacturing of theSuper Groom clipper. Durability, comfort and handling happen to be carefully considered producing a simple to control animal clipper that provides a far more relaxing experience for the dog these types of its quiet operation it is fantastic for noise sensitive dogs. Tomaintain your clipper and get the very best cutting experience and results make certain you oil your cutting blade before you begin clipping and frequently remove clipped hair that may find yourself in trouble between your blades and re oil while you continue

  • The wahl super groom clipper offers high end clipping having the ability to cut through any coat type.
  • 100 minutes of cordless operation along with a obvious brought battery strength indicator.
  • Features quick charge option and could be operated in the mains
  • The chrome-plated precision blade set delivers outstanding cutting performance
  • The blade features intergrated cutting length adjustment (.7mm – 3mm)

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