Whiskey on The Rocks Moustache Wax (15ml) Premium Strong Solution for Tache & Beard Styling Twists,Points, twizzles & Curls – The Beard and The Wonderful

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The Beard and also the Wonderful – 1/2 Oz, Portland Mustache Wax Traditional Styling wax for beards and moustaches. Whiskey around the Rocks Scent – Firm and moisture resistant

Tame your Beard & Moustache

The Beard and also the Wonderful’s pocket sized 15ml Tin of Wonderous Mustache Wax. Traditional Styling wax for beards and moustaches Firm and moisture resistant having a smack of Whiskey around the Rocks Scent. Moustache and Beard waxes are suitable for heavy sculpting of the hair on your face. If you are searching for twists, curls or points – this is actually the product. Our strong mustache wax may be used to firmly hold your hair on your face in most styles and shapes which last a lengthy, lengthy time in addition to being moisture resistant. Is available in an opportune 15ml pocket sized tin that’s convenient for travel.

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Wax Ingredients: Cera Alba (Beeswax), mineral jelly, Whiskey around the Rocks scent – 15ml Tin

It’s not only another Moustache Wax, however the BEST Moustache Wax!

– Typically Hand crafted to classic recipes while using finest ingredients.
– Whiskey around the Rocks scent – An intoxicating mixture of whiskey, wood smoke and oak. Top notes of rose and purple, tobacco leaf along with a hint of vanilla toffee
– Pocket sized 15ml Tin
– Strong hold for mustache and beards
– Lasts a lengthy, lengthy time
– Moisture resistant so that you can drink without getting shaggy
– High quality at low cost
– Features a free Ultimate help guide to Beards Ebook and cash off coupons.

We’re so sure you’ll love our Beard and Mustache Wax which is the very best available on the market, we have backed up having a 100% Money-back Guarantee!

  • Strong Moustache Wax to provide you with ultimate control incl. twists, curls or points
  • Tame unmanageable tache & beard hair on your face and show it who’s boss
  • 100 % Natural Ingredients and lovingly hands produced in the United kingdom
  • Simple to use and very portable around in pocket.
  • Whiskey around the Rocks Scent for any superbly smelling hold sensation.

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The Beard and The Wonderful


The Beard and The Wonderful

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