XSGDMN Blackhead Remover Kit Professional Stainless Steel pimple Comedone Extractor Tool Kit for the treatment of facial acne

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Material: Stainless
Effectiveness: Acne
Beauty tools category: beauty needles, various beauty tools
Versatile: These practical beauty tools assistance to remove blackheads, acne as well as other flaws. The 7 teams of tools have different functions and may interact.
Professional electroplated needles and stainless antibacterial coatings don’t cause sensitive problems which help prevent infection. Our extractor kits are appropriate for those skin tones.
Ergonomic handle: Created by the scientific research team, this blackhead extractor includes a non-slip handle that will help you better take control of your pressure during use, making certain that each step is controlled with superior control and precision. Injuries your skin.
Note: Proper use can make things simple. We don’t recommend using any blackhead acne before acne matures, and wipe all tools with alcohol pre and post each use and do as instructed.
Unique packaging: top quality leather bags for transport or storage. It has an alcohol pad.

  • Blackheads, acne, acne along with other facial impurities can be simply removed, for example pullers and pushers. If used properly, all defects can be taken off.
  • Gift box: It’s packed within an easy-to-carry gift box (at random submitted color). Very practical, you are able to make it in which you want.
  • The tweezers are constructed with professional top quality materials that offer an elegant, precise and incredibly balanced extractor. Helps help treat acne problems, facial impurities and blemishes.
  • Stop popping with dirty fingers: precise sharp needles, comfortable handles, reaching the purpose directly with no damage to the pores. Rich in-quality non-slip tools, it’s not necessary to be worried about scars, redness or any sensitive problems!
  • Antibacterial coating: Electroplated stainless doesn’t rust, no corrosion, and it is specifically accustomed to maintain sterility and stop infection. Just fix it with alcohol pre and post cleaning!

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