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Description of product
Blackhead Remover Rechargeable Microcrystalline Pore Cleaner
The blackhead remover is simple to deep cleansing pores, remove blackheads, the dead skin cells, dirt, facial oil and tighten pores
To help with keeping the skin gentle, more youthful and filled with vitality.
❤Clean the face, make use of the blackhead liquid or facial steamer to spread out the pore.
❤Insert the isolation pads in to the slot towards the top of the cleanser, choose the proper probe and install around the nozzle.
❤Short press the control button to spread out. The default may be the Soft level.
❤Short press the control button in turns to find the level. Test the suction together with your forearm before use.
❤Hold the probe near to the face to get rid of blackheads, gradually move. Don’t stay in one location for too lengthy to prevent injuries, and don’t press it hardly or pull vertically.
❤After clean, short press to seal lower the machine.
❤Remove the probe, wipe the dirt served by cotton wool ball, and wash it clean, then dry having a towel or naturally. Please avoid to clean or immerse your body in water.
❤After clean, lengthy press to spread out or shut lower, and irradiate the blackhead for several-a few minutes. The coloured lights venture out a few minutes later. Then use skincare items like facial mask, cream, etc.
Product Parameter:
Product Weight: 155g
Battery capacity: 1000ma
Package Contents:
1 * Blackhead Remover
1 * Charging Cable
1 * Instructions

  • ❤Adjustable suction: The suction pressure is effective and adjustable.
  • ❤Comprehensive Face Cleaner: Probes could be replaced Each probe features its own use Besides, 4 power amounts of suction meet different demands based on the target skin issues and it is severity…
  • ❤Safer to make use of: Not the same as other pore vacuum machines available on the market, our product uses soft edge probes to prevent bruising and also the suction pressure ra.
  • ❤Tips: Don’t use the unit on a single area the actual skin in excess of 3 seconds.
  • ❤Customer Service:For those who have any queries during use, pls you can call us.

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